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Rachel Khoriander

Technical Writer, Instructional Design

Zachary Shroyer

MVC, Oracle, SQL Server, NHibernate, JavaScript

Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers have proficient knowledge of all aspects and stages of the software development process Server, network, and hosting environment. Relational and non-relational databases. How to interact existing external systems via API. User interface design. Quality assurance. Security concerns throughout the program. Understanding customer and business needs. Multiple development languages and platforms.

Fast Prototyping

It’s now time to start developing. This starts with developing a base backend(database) if applicable. Then design and assemble the user interface prototype. This prototype gives the user a visual template to help get a feel for the flow of the interface they will ultimately use. This is the start of the user integration into […]

Business/Data Analysis

Once everything is prioritized it’s time to gather detailed information identifying the data will be captured.  This is achieved by analyzing existing software and paperwork used in the business process.


Once the wish list is completed it’s time to identify must have functionality versus “Nice to have”. This will help determine the level of work required to deliver a functional product within the scope of time and budget. Even if there are some items that aren’t added in the initial deployment the knowledge of those […]

Wish List

The best way to design a solution is to determine not only the absolute requirements, but the bells and whistles that help streamline business needs.